A God-Awful Small Affair!

These are the opening words to David Bowies brilliant song Life on Mars and although the song is great Bowie couldn’t have been more wrong. As I write this Europe’s latest mission, ExoMars has just been launched by a Russian Proton rocket and is on its way to the Red Planet to look for the […]

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Once Upon a Time…

Let’s go right back to the begining, or at least try to, where did the Universe come from? How did it get here? We once thought, well just assumed really because it seemed to have always been there, that the Universe was eternal and unchanging. This is understandable as nothing seemed to have changed “up […]

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“It’s Just a Theory”

How many times have you found yourself in a discussion with someone who doesn’t believe in, for example, evolution, the Moon landings or something else we all just take for granted, something we all just know. You point out what you think is obvious about, say, evolution, only to be met with “Ah yes, but […]

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Fly Me to the Moon…

My girlfriend and I have just finished booking our summer holidays and we are really looking forward to getting away from it all. Like many people, we will be flying and to be quite honest, flying bores me. I hate waiting in the airport to get on board and then when I am in the […]

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