The End is Nigh!

Now let’s look at what happens when a star reaches the end of its life. Thing is, what happens depends on how big the star is so we’ll look a two stars, an average star like our Sun, and a giant star with several times the mass of the Sun. A star about the size […]

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The Magic Roundabout

After I wrote the last piece about resonant orbits I thought I would write a bit about orbits in general and what they are. The fact is that for a long time, a few thousand years at least, we have known that some of the things we can see in the sky go round some […]

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The secret power of resonances

There is a power in our solar system. A hidden, unseen power that has shaped our Solar System and I don’t mean the Free Masons or the Illuminati! This force has helped make life on Earth possible, and lies at the very foundation of our stellar neighbourhood. The power I am talking about is not […]

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Brown Dwarfs are Cool!

Our Sun is ¬†what is called a yellow dwarf star. This means that it is, as it’s name suggests, yellow (it’s not really) and comparatively small, (welllll yes and no). Actually it appears blindingly white when seen without the filter of an atmosphere and it radiates most of it’s energy in the green area of […]

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