The Ultimate Multiverse

We have finally come to the last of the multiverse ideas that are presented in the book “The Hidden Reality” written by Brian Greene a few years ago. This idea is called the ultimate multiverse – also known as the mathematical universe hypothesis – for a particular reason. It is really all-embracing. If this Multiverse […]

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The Simulated Multiverse

In our Multiverse journey we’ve passed down a long road through Friedman’s expanding Universe, inflationary cosmology, quantum mechanics, superstring theory and even thermodynamics. What combines all of these concepts is that they’ve come to our attention through physical laws. Some of the considered theories have been confirmed to an extraordinary level of precision, while others […]

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The Universe as a Hologram

There were quite a lot of Multiverse concepts that we have covered so far. Some of them are really involved, but I hope that my explanations provided a way to conceptually grasp these concepts. There remain only a couple of models which we are not familiar with. Today we shall be talking about a model […]

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The Quantum Multiverse (The Many-Worlds interpretation to quantum mechanics)

The last three times we were concerned with the Multiverse models each of those is highly connected with the notions of the Superstring theory. This time we are going to consider another model which rises from the notions of quantum mechanics with all its bizarreness. The idea was proposed by one of John Wheeler’s students Hugh […]

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The secret power of resonances

There is a power in our solar system. A hidden, unseen power that has shaped our Solar System and I don’t mean the Free Masons or the Illuminati! This force has helped make life on Earth possible, and lies at the very foundation of our stellar neighbourhood. The power I am talking about is not […]

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The Landscape Multiverse

A few weeks ago I was talking about the concept of Brane Multiverse which gains attention of physicists concerned with the superstring theory (or, equivalently, with the M-theory). Then, I showed how the Cyclic Multiverse model was improved upon the notions of this theory. Today our goal is to have a look on another Multiverse […]

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