Welcome to the Society of Modern Astronomy! We are a group of MOOC-loving astronomers who found each other in obscure classrooms around the planet. Upon noticing how different we were (we were the liveliest, most cheerful bunch, lovers of laughter) we decided to stick together! I am the founder of SoMA and you are welcome to listen and even join in on our conversations! Find us on Facebook first and once you’re a part of our group and it has been determined that you are able to give contributions of value, you will also be invited to join our blog, the aim of which, is to represent the voice of the modern-day astronomer. What is a modern-day astronomer? you might be asking yourself, well, it’s nothing short of someone who realizes that this universe belongs to all, for the taking and the exploration of all, for all purposes deemed fit! Whether you have graduated with a Masters Degree in Astrophysics or you simply love to study the constellations— this is the place for you! Welcome, modern astronomer! This is your home!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Peter, I have no idea what kind of world I ve entered here, maybe you can help me around?? (I feel like Alice in wonderland….)


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