When Astronomy Met Literature

Hello, little loves! First of all, I’d like to greet you all a fantabulous day! And I want to say thank you, to Aleksei Klimkin, for the previous post. It was a great post, Aleksei, and we all look forward to the rest of your series! Now, I recently hosted an “Astronomy Poetry Contest” on our society’s Facebook Group. The mechanics was such that the poem with the most number of “likes” would win. Well, since we only received two submissions, I decided that both are winners! Hurray! 😀 I hope that you all enjoy reading these small pieces of astronomy-meets-literature art!

Here below are our two lovely submissions, both sent in from Greece! Thank you for your submissions, Christy and Maro!

An Astronomical Limmerick

Copyright © 2014 Christy Read

There was an old lady in Greece
Her mind never knew any peace
Until her husband bought her a scope
Fulfilling her lifelong hope
Every night now she searches for Gliese!

A Poem on Astronomy

Copyright ©  2014 Maro Pisani

What would an empty,
a starless
sky be like?

Would humans
have stood gazing
on their feet instead?

Would there be
pyramids or
star aligned monuments?

Or would the magi
have made their way home ?

So, do those distant diamonds
have some importance, real?

They hung up there
the darkness and our fear

uniting humanity
with golden
thread of awe…

I hope you guys have enjoyed as much as I have! 🙂


Shout to the sky!

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