The Inflationary Multiverse

Here is the second part of my series of articles taking the question of Multiverse under consideration. As I mentioned in the previous article, these ideas are taken from the book written by U.S. physicist Brian Greene who is well known for his contribution to the development of String Theory. He is one of a […]

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When Astronomy Met Literature

Hello, little loves! First of all, I’d like to greet you all a fantabulous day! And I want to say thank you, to Aleksei Klimkin, for the previous post. It was a great post, Aleksei, and we all look forward to the rest of your series! Now, I recently hosted an “Astronomy Poetry Contest” on […]

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The Quilted Multiverse

Today I’m starting a new series of articles for our blog where I will try to give you a brief explanation of various types of multiverse and to describe why whole this idea of multiverse seems to be very plausible for the physicists studying this stuff. It’s worth saying that these ideas are taken from […]

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