Where is the water on Mars?

Hi everybody,

This is my first post here, so I would like to contribute to our united community with this paper (in PDF), based on the “Science of the Solar System” class with Prof. Mike Brown after which I did some research on my own on one of my favorite topics:

Where is the water on Mars?

If you are interested in Mars and

  • what the red planet might have looked like billions of years ago?
  • was there ever water on its surface and is there water in any form today on Mars?
  • could the red planet support life at any point of its history?
  • the different geological periods that Mars went through
  • what spacecrafts did we, humans, send to the red planet to study it?
  • how does a spacecraft go to Mars?

and much more then

– DOWNLOAD THE PAPER from here –


Tihomir Dimitrov


Shout to the sky!

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