All This Talk, All This Thought

First of all, I want to thank Aleksei Klimkin for posting such great material for our blog recently. Thank you, Aleksei! You are indeed a valuable part of our very own astronomical society!

Below I present to you my reflections and my theories concerning dark energy and dark matter (a subject of cosmology, physical cosmology and also astrophysics.) You might want to indulge yourselves.

Now, I just wanted to share with you some thoughts that I’ve been having lately on dark matter and dark energy. We all don’t know what it is. In fact, despite all of our advancements in astrophysics, we still have no clue what this stuff is. According to NASA Science Astrophysics’ statistics, roughly 68% of the universe is dark energy, 27% of the universe is dark matter, then lastly AND leastly, the stuff we call normal matter— which is us, all the planets and stars and galaxies we’ve ever had the pleasure of discovering and observing— makes up only 5% of everything! In fact, we and what we are able to observe that is made up of the same substances that we are capable of detecting— we are the odd ones out in the universe, we are in fact not the “normal” ones, because we’re just so different! So why can’t we figure out what all that darkness is? Well, the answer to that is simple. We can’t figure it out because it is entirely alien to us. We, as a species, are only capable of developing instruments to aid us in finding what we already know we’re looking for. We can’t create things to aid us in discovering a reality that is entirely unrelated to our own! Even the material that we use to put together a telescope comes from minerals that were born in our stars, combusted here on our Earth— it is all made up of the stuff that is familiar to us, of the stuff that we ourselves are made up of and are capable of comprehending! So as you can see, we are not capable of creating things that could aid us to find material that is completely foreign to us, simply because that is beyond our level of reach. How can one invent a telescope made of our matter, in order to detect a matter that is not even related to our own matter— see?

A more chilling (or exciting) fact about our universe with relations to dark matter and dark energy, is the fact that this whole universe as we know it, is expanding! Yes, our universe is in fact expanding! It seems like astronomical objects are moving away from us; but in actuality, it is the darkness in between which is growing! They say dark energy is expanding (imagine stretching a black, rubber sheet) and while this darkness expands, everything that is “normal” sitting on top of it (or embedded into it, whichever way you want to look at it), apparently travels further and further away from each other! And that is why we are able to observe redshift when viewing objects in our skies. Redshift means that something is moving away while a blueshift would mean the opposite of that. So to put it simply, the darkness is growing! 

What is this growing darkness? And we find ourselves at the same point of origin that we began at— the question of what this stuff is! Well, let’s wrap this thought up by saying that this is open to individual theory. After all, the universe belongs to everyone! Which means that you may theorize about it just as much as any astrophysicist feels free to theorize about it. Personally, I think that dark matter + dark energy could very well be a parallel universe so foreign to our own, that we possess no means whatsoever of understanding it. And vice versa. Our two universes may very well be each others’ “dark energy and dark matter.” They may also observe their universe and say, “what is this weird stuff we can’t put a finger on?” And by parallel universe I don’t really mean like a Fringe version of parallel universe where there are blimps and they don’t have coffee, rather, I mean parallel universe to the extent that the very fabric of their reality is something totally alien to us. Perhaps we as a human race, are the only species of our kind in all universes and perchance this other universe is populated with individuals that do not resemble  us in atoms, molecules, quarks and the like. Or maybe the darkness is actually what many religions and spiritualities refer to as “Heaven”— a place where the gods/God are/is. After all, there is a whole lot of it! There is enough room for every Heaven of every religion and every God of every belief system! And what are we? Well I guess that would make us the wanderers, the adventurers, the explorers, the observers, the seekers, the thinkers and the dreamers. The ones who look up into the skies at night. The ones who pray and believe and dream. And I guess that makes us weird. I guess that makes all the difference.

Celestial Atlas by Jamieson, Published 1822
Celestial Atlas by Jamieson, Published 1822

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