An imaginary planet

This essay was one of my assignments in Imaging Other earths course on and is based on the science learned thoughout this course.   HYPATIAOur imaginary planet is called Hypatia [1] and is orbiting a K- type star [2]. K-stars or orange dwarfs are smaller and dimmer than the Sun and more abundant in […]

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Religion and science: Do they obstruct each other, and are they truly incompatible?

Religion and science: Do they obstruct each other, and are they truly incompatible? Religion and science both seek to give explanations of different aspects of the world; science, concentrates on the physical, observable, and verifiable, usually through hypotheses and experiments; religion, is based largely on belief and faith. Religion pre-dates recorded history, and perhaps goes […]

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The Universe in My Backyard

The following poem was created as an entry for the Trinidad and Tobago Astronomical Society’s Art and Poetry Competition 2013, and is intended to give a seasonal (four-month) tour of the Universe from my backyard. All observations were made from latitude 10 degrees North of the equator. The formatted submission, in its original form can […]

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Family reunion?

A few months back I got into a discussion about the possibility of finding our Sun’s long lost siblings. What a family reunion that would be! But let’s back up a bit first and look at the basics of the story. Our Sun and it’s planets formed in a vast cloud of gas and dust some […]

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All This Talk, All This Thought

First of all, I want to thank Aleksei Klimkin for posting such great material for our blog recently. Thank you, Aleksei! You are indeed a valuable part of our very own astronomical society! Below I present to you my reflections and my theories concerning dark energy and dark matter (a subject of cosmology, physical cosmology […]

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